Quality Residences. Quality People. Quality Services.

Formed in 1987, R.C. Evans Management Group, Inc. (RCEMG) has developed and/or acquired, through various partnerships, over 3,100 units in the Richmond MSA and throughout Central Virginia. RCEMG currently owns and/or manages nearly 2,000 units, with a combined asset value in excess of $270 million dollars.

Our Commitment To Excellence:
People talk about quality these days, but all too often it is a subject more discussed than seen. We believe that even a new resident of an R.C. Evans Management Group, Inc. property will soon see that our dedication to quality is all-encompassing. Residents will find it in our construction, our landscaping, our services, and in our whole philosophy of doing business. Quality is our commitment to our residents, and our goal is their satisfaction. We hope that they will enjoy living in our communities and that they will be with us as residents and friends for a long, long time.

Our Mission: Quality Residences, Quality People, Quality Services
Our mission is to provide our residents with quality apartment homes, located in attractive and pleasing residential settings. After providing superior residential accommodations, our goal is to provide each resident with a level of professional service that says "WELCOME" each and every day.

Our Goal:
R.C. Evans Management Group, Inc. encourages, trains and orients all of its employees to be constantly aware of the magnitude of each owner's investment. In today's competitive investment world, professional investors have numerous investment options from which to choose. It is the company's goal, at all times, to manage real estate investments not only as Property Managers, but as Asset Managers – maintaining and enhancing the base value of each asset, while, at the same time, increasing its dividends. This is the true test of the value of the asset and the manager.